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Personal information privacy policy

∪Kyoto Ryokan Hirashin∩, under operation of the Hirashin Corporation, strives to protect our customers∏ personal information in accordance with our privacy policy as outlined below.

1. Collecting constituents.

Hirashin Corporation.

2. Personal information collected.

Customers∏ name, address, telephone number, age, gender, occupation, and arrival date/time; passport number & nationality for international visitors. Any other information necessary in order to meet customers∏ needs.

3. Purposes for using personal information.

  • reservation confirmation and related tasks.
  • sending details for lodging & banquet plans to customers (sending may be cancelled at the request of the customer).
  • returning forgotten or left-behind articles to customers.

4. Sharing of information.

  • Collected personal information will not be shared with third parties except for in the following cases.
  • when customer∏s permission is obtained.
  • when a person∏s life, health, or assets are in danger and it is impossible to obtain permission from the customer.
  • when cooperation is requested by public officials.
  • personal information may be shared as necessary within the boundaries as listed above in Part 3 with participating oraganizations, following the end of contract duration.

5. Safeguarding of personal information.

In accordance with the laws & ordinances regarding safeguarding of personal information, our policy protects against dangers such as leaking of personal information.

6. Changes in policy.

Please be advised that the policy may be revised without notice to customers.

7. For information regarding our privacy policy.

Hirashin Corporation
Takoyakushi-dori, Takakura-Nishi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
TEL: (≤81) 75-221-0121

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